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What Is a Ghost Gun?
What Is a Ghost Gun?

Are Ghost Guns Illegal? Ghost guns are untraceable, unregulated, and un-serialized firearms that are easy to assemble and use. Purchasers do not go through background checks and pay much less money for ghost guns than they would for lawful firearms. As such, it is not ...

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  • Oakland Robberies & Carjackings on the Rise

    Robbery & Carjacking Rates Increase in Oakland The city of Oakland is no stranger to robberies and car burglaries. But these crime rates are ...

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  • Man Arrested for Throwing Bricks at Cars on Highway 242

    The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office recently charged 46-year-old Mark Navone with charges including murder, mayhem, and five counts of ...

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  • Impacts of Increased Homicide Rates in Oakland

    Oakland Sees Recent Spike in Violent Crimes The Oakland Police Department announced a 1400% increase in violent crimes from January 2020 to January ...

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