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Thankful Testimonies From Happy Clients

After thousands of successful cases, the Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed is proud to have advocates of our own throughout the neighborhoods of Oakland and East Bay. Read what they had to say about their experience with our Oakland criminal defense firm.

    “Understands and Has Great Communication”
    “He worked hard and diligently while going the extra mile. He was patient and caring during my ordeal and even followed up and checked on me afterwards.”
    - Adarice
    “I recommend Nabiel over the rest!”
    “Mr Ahmed is a very knowledgeable attorney. He went above and beyond to help me with my case. He also gave me sound advice and went over my options.”
    - Marshall
    “Better Than Expected Result”
    “Mr. Ahmed did his thing to make sure I did not spend one day in jail! His ability to explain everything along the way really helped through this stressful episode.”
    - Francisco C.
    “Huge Help to Me and My Family”
    “Nabiel was able to negotiate a great plea and avoid serious charges. This was especially important since we were looking at significant charges despite this being a first offense.”
    - Alex G.
    “I highly recommend and trust him implicitly”
    After a little searching I found Defense Attorney Nabiel Ahmen’s web site and felt comfortable enough to call him. I was extremely nervous and embarrassed about my problem. Mr. Ahmed called me right back and told me what he can do and how he will get me out of my situation. Mr. Ahmed is extremely patient and caring and answered all my questions and concerns. It was very obvious that he is much respected in the Alameda County courts. He was always straight forward with possible outcomes of my case and always made sure we had time to discuss options before trial. I am so thankful of Nabiel Ahmed for helping me with the situation I was facing. In my opinion he is the best Defense attorney I have had the pleasure to employ. I highly recommend and trust him implicitly.
    “God blessed us when my wife decided to call you.”
    Nabiel is pretty darn amazing at what he does. He has a crazy good (and aggressive) reputation in the court room. Lucky for me, I didn't have to find out. I was facing 4+ years of time, evidence was stacked against me, but Nabiel did what he does... And I'm at home. I was given parole and probation, with a one year EHD agreement instead of having to do any time in a state prison. Thank you, Nabiel. My family is still together. God blessed us when my wife decided to call you. We appreciate everything you did for our family.
    - Daniel G.
    “He had every last charge dropped with no jail time.”
    I made a call very early one morning after staying up all night researching the best attorney to handle my 3 very serious charges. Nabiel called me back literally immediately and guaranteed he could dismiss all charges for a reasonable rate. Upon meeting him, he was extremely down to earth and personable. He kept in touch through the entire process and true to his word had every last charge dropped with no jail time, no problem as if the entire incident never happened. In the event I ever need a criminal attorney in the future ( god forbid ) this is the man I'll be calling. He has my utmost vote of confidence.
    - Melanie L.
    “Good Attorney! I would definitely recommend him.”
    I am an attorney myself. Nabiel is one of the "good" attorneys I have ever met. I appreciate his honesty, professional attitude, and his sincere desire to help his clients and his fellow attorneys at best of his ability.
    - Brian Sereenen
    “Completely honored to meet him.”
    Nabiel Ahmed is definitely a savior! I went to him with a huge load of stress on my shoulders, very little time to figure things out, and no expectations on receiving any results as quickly as he gave them to me. No time or money was wasted; he got straight down to business. He told me all the possible outcomes of my case explaining them in a way that I was able to understand, he answered any questions that I had, and he made sure that I was nothing but comfortable and satisfied with his services. After talking with him for about twenty minutes, I left his office feeling relieved and confident that everything will go right in court for me and sure enough it did! It took all of 10 minutes for Nabiel to convince the judge to rule in his favor and believe me , his favor is GOOD. He fought for me to get that second chance in life and his fight left me trouble free and my record clean. So if you have an upcoming date in the criminal courts, give Nabiel a call and see what he has to offer. Guaranteed he will offer you something that you need. Thank You again Nabiel! You're the best.
    - Frances
    “I got the best deal I have ever heard of.”
    Nabiel Ahmed has been my lawyer for the past year. He's very knowledgeable about the laws, rules and what he believes is best for his client. In my case, I had about four felonies they wanted to try me with. I told Nabiel to do whatever he had to do in order for me not to get charged as a felony. I took my case to trial, instead of trying the plea deal they wanted me to. At the end of my trial, I got the best deal I have every heard of. I was able to get off of all the charges, by agreeing not to get involved with any illegal activities for one year. I believe Nabiel is a very good lawyer.
    - Henry
    “Best Of The West”
    My first time having a problem with the law and I could not be more blessed to have Mr. Nabiel on my side. He helped me understand my options, was there with me every step of the way, always answer my calls, explain legal terminologies and he updated me on my case when ever I had court date. During this difficult time I knew I was in the best of hands. He personally went to every one of my court dates and really put his heart into it. He really cares and it showed. I had a complicated case and really thought there was no hope. In the end after about a dozen court dates my case was settled to the best result possible. I would not hesitate to refer family and friends to him should the occasion arise. I am extremely pleased and grateful for all of his hard work and professionalism.
    - David
    “Mr. Nabiel Ahmed is a very good lawyer.”
    He is very confident when you meet him and at the end of the case you will know why. He is all about his business and is a very cool lawyer that gets the job done and won't burn a hole in your bank account.
    - Reub
    “I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nabiel Ahmed.”
    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nabiel Ahmed. He did and outstanding job the first time I hired him. I currently re-hired Nabiel to represent a loved one, and so far things are going accordingly. He seems to work quickly and diligently on very issue or concern I may have or had regarding the case I hired him for.
    - Alexis
    “Does whatever it takes to win a case.”
    I've had trouble with my driving license since I was 16, and I've been paying lawyers to get my tickets dismissed but none of them were able to help me with every ticket, all lawyers I've had depend on whether an officer shows up to court or not, and unfortunately for me they've showed up most of the time, until I got a suspended license. Earlier this year I ran into Mr. Nabiel at the San Francisco court house and he immediately gave me his business card and told me to give him a call when ever I have a ticket and he'll make sure I don't get a point on my record. And since that day he's been the only lawyer I go to with a ticket and he already saved me from 4+ points within 3 months on my record for driving with a suspended license and getting caught more than once. Makes me look back at all those times I've paid thousands and thousands of dollars to other lawyers and I can only wish that I've met Mr. Nabiel earlier, he truly goes that extra mile and works really hard to get me off the hook from the system, he knows the law VERY WELL and does whatever it takes to win a case. I will always come to this law firm, I can guarantee you that no one can do a better job. Don't waste your money or your time, just call Mr. Nabiel and he'll get the job done!
    - Mustafa A
    “I highly recommend him.”
    Being cited or arrested for a traffic infraction can be frightening. You dont know how to explain your violation; you dont know whos advise to take or how much it will cost; and you certainly dont know what will happen to you at court. It helps to know an experienced attorney like Mr. Ahmed, who is known and respected by courtroom judges and prosecutors, and who counsels you with the best possible options on your case. Not only does he represent his clients well in court, he is responsive to calls and emails, often interrupting personal time to advise his clients. I highly recommend him and the Law Office of Nabiel Ahmed.
    - Nancy F.
    “The right man at the right time.”
    My daughter had gotten herself into a pretty difficult situation after making a series of poor decisions regarding her personal conduct and the company she kept. Long story short, she wound up on the wrong end of a felony charge. Mr Ahmed took her case, meeting with us briefly prior to her first hearing. He was obviously on a tight schedule, but did ask us to call him later. I remember thinking that we would be playing phone tag for awhile, but was pleasantly surprised when he answered my call (after hours) and spent quite a bit of time explaining what we would be facing and what he needed from us to prepare. I sent in what was requested, then called him once again to confirm that he would need nothing further. I placed the call in the early evening on a Friday, assuming that I would have to leave a message. He picked up the phone on the first ring, greeting me by name. At my daughter's court appearance, he spoke with the prosecuting attorney then informed us that the charges would be dropped. This outcome meant a great deal to my daughter, as she had really turned her life around, was in school and doing well. Having a clean record will be of tremendous value going forward and we owe that to the fine work Nabiel provided. As the father of an adult daughter, Nabiel had no obligation to keep me in the loop on things, but he understood how important this was to both of us and was kind enough to humor me. I would highly recommend this gentleman and would not hesitate to recommend his services to my friends and family.
    - David
    “Best lawyer ever!”
    Nabiel Ahmed is one of the best upcoming lawyers in the Bay Area. He is a people person, very professional, and well experienced. Mr. Ahmed helped me to get rid of three major cases.
    - Terrence
    “He works quickly and diligently.”
    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nabiel Ahmed. He did and outstanding job the first time I hired him. I currently re-hired Nabiel to represent a loved one, and so far things are going accordingly. He seems to work quickly and diligently on very issue or concern I may have or had regarding the case I hired him for.
    - Alexis
    “Provided a spectacular service.”
    He provided a spectacular service, helped get my case dismissed, was of great comfort and affordable as well. Thanks Mr. Ahmed, your work is much appreciated!
    - Billy D.
    “Two thumbs up!”
    If you need a good lawyer, he's the guy to go to! Helped me with my situation with no problem and at a good price. Two thumbs up!
    - Robert F.
    “Very confident about his knowledge of the law.”
    He was very understanding of the situation my husband got into. He was readily available for most questions and was very confident about his knowledge of the law. He helped beat an extremely difficult and risky case and was willing to help and work with us in regards to legal fees. I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a bind and in need of great legal support.
    - Mia K.
    “I will forever be grateful!”
    What can I say? I was given Nabiel's name through a close friend of mine. I had received my first DUI in February of this year, 2013, and was mortified. My BAC was .14 and I was told by many that a wet reckless was out of the question. I contacted Nabiel, at his very chill office and thought, "is this guy for real?" I had gone to a few hearings on my own and the court informed me that I had the option to get a public defender or attorney. Not only did Nabiel quote me an AMAZING rate but he also let me know that I wouldn't have to attend anymore hearings and that he would do it for me. Being as involved as I am, I thought this must be a joke. He joked around saying why would you want to wake up early for no reason when that's my job. At this point, contract signed, I put my all of my trust in him. So, August comes around and we had our final trial. For this trial, Nabiel informed me that it would be in by best interest to attend. Nervous as hell, Nabiel calmed me down, with his chill self, and let me know not to worry. About 20 min. later, grinning from ear to ear, Nabiel gave me the word. He had somehow managed to get me a Wet Reckless. I was completely amazed. I will forever be GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend this attorney. He has great rates, makes your experience painless and gets you the best possible outcome.
    - Kiki H.
    “Great lawyer.”
    Nabiel is a great lawyer!
    - Alex U.
    “He gets things done with a reasonable price.”
    I got a traffic ticket for no seat belt and no CA driving license. I could only get my CA license after the date specified by the ticket. Nabiel managed to get a court date that gave me ample time to get my license. Better still he managed to strike a deal with the officer to change the no seat belt to broken seat belt after I explained to him what happened. I only had to repair my seat belt and pay 50 court fee instead of the 552 citation. Nabiel also charged me a reasonable amount compared to other lawyers. He tends to get very busy and you have to take initiatives with him to follow through with your case. He works best via texts with timely phone call. Bottom line, he gets things done with a reasonable price.
    - Chee Liang H.
    “Excellent service! He definitely knows what he is doing.”
    Nabiel Ahmed turned two felony charges into a misdemeanor in just one court. We were in and out of court in less than an hour. He is very efficient and goes right to the point. What I liked the most was the price...very reasonable and affordable, there were no hidden charges or fees. I definitely recommend him. If you don't have time to waste I recommend Mr. Ahmed to get the job done fast and right the first time.
    - Mayra
    “Nabiel Ahmed is definitely your man.”
    I have never been in trouble with the law before until a bogus, felony drug posession charge I received. I originally hired an older attorney, assuming his years of experience meant something. It didn't. He actually quit on me after the preliminary hearing because I wouldn't take the deal the prosecution was offering and his "heart wasn't in it." I had tried to find other representation prior to meeting Ahmed and everyone said the same thing: "I can't believe you didn't take that deal." My response was, "I'm innocent." I now realize that has nothing at all to do with anything in this justice system of ours. Enter Nabiel Ahmend. Mr. Ahmed was different. I told him I was willing to go all the way to trial if need be and he told me he was willing to do that. This man really fought for me. It took a while (over a year, in fact), but eventually, I got that dismissal without conditions I had been asking for. What's truly interesting is that he was at least 40 years younger than my first attorney, but had the fight of a pitbull inside of him. So, if you're looking for someone to fight for you and work for you for an affordable rate, Nabiel Ahmed is definitely your man.
    - Suzanne B.
    “Young, energetic, knowledgeable and understanding.”
    I was referred to Nabiel by a close friend of mine. I found myself in a bit of my rough situation and was stressed out by the entire ordeal. From the get go, Nabiel made me confident in his abilities and laid out a plan as to how he would go about achieving the results I was looking for. He was not like other lawyers I consulted with in the sense that they sounded like tape recorders. Mr. Ahmed really did seem to me like he believed in my innocence which is why I gave him the opportunity to represent me. In court, Mr. Ahmed was not up tight about anything. He was very energetic, friendly and made me feel comfortable about everything that was going on. I specifically recall an instance while in court where he noticed I was nervous. Nabiel was quick to calm me down before he proceeded with anything. Those are things you can only hope your lawyer would do. If you're looking for a trustworthy criminal defense attorney, you've found the right one in Nabiel Ahmed. I HIGHLY recommend him!
    - Sergio
    “I highly recommend Mr. Nabiel Ahmed.”
    I got myself into some legal trouble and had to scamble for a lawyer in a short timeframe. So I grabbed a couple of business cards from the posting board while taking care of my bond work at BadBoys Bail in Oakland. I interviewed with several lawyers and came across Mr. Ahmed. I found him to be warm, sincere, and straight forward. And he also had better rates than most of the other lawyers I spoke with in the area. I had a case in two different counties and he handled them both with the upmost professionalism and quickness. The final outcome was better than I could ever expected in both cases. If you are in legal trouble and need a good lawyer that knows his stuff and offers a great rate, then I highly recommend Mr. Nabiel Ahmed. He is definitely a good lawyer.
    - Aaron B.
    “He was knowledgeable, personable, and reliable.”
    Mr Ahmed was referred to me through the Alameda County Bar association. I had gotten jumped, and after defending myself was charged with assault. As someone who has never been in trouble with the law, Mr. Ahmed explained things to me after he listened to what happened. He not only sympathized with me, but made me feel like he was really going to make this go away---and he DID! My case got dismissed and I could not have wished for a better outcome. I highly recommend Nabiel, as he was knowledgeable, personable, and reliable.
    - Lisa P.
    “I knew I was in the best of hands.”
    My first time having a problem with the law and I could not be more blessed to have Mr. Ahmed on my side. He helped me understand my options, was there with me every step of the way, always answer my calls, explain legal terminologies and he updated me on my case when ever I had court date. During this difficult time I knew I was in the best of hands. He personally went to every one of my court dates and really put his heart into it. He really cares and it showed. I had a complicated case and really thought there was no hope. In the end after about a dozen court dates my case was settled to the best result possible. I would not hesitate to refer family and friends to him should the occasion arise. I am extremely pleased and grateful for all of his hard work and professionalism.
    - D.C.
    “Very happy with the results.”
    I found Mr. Nabiel Ahmed to be experienced and knowledgeable. He helped me in my DUI case and won a minimum sentence for me. I am very happy with the results since this was my 3rd DUI arrest and if it wasn't for his valuable help, I'd be in jail right now. I'm so glad and thankful that I found him. I would definitely recommend Mr. Ahmed to everyone, he is a great lawyer :)
    - Mercedes L.
    “He really saved the day.”
    I could not recommend Nabiel Ahmed more highly. Professional and knowledgeable, he represented a friend of mine over a charge of a concealed weapon, coming to our aid the day before a court appearance. He really saved the day and helped re-start a young man's life. He knew the system, the judges, the protocol, and the options. He guided us through the whole process expertly and cordially. It was easy to see that he has a good relationship with other attorneys and the judges. If you need a criminal defense attorney, hire him and be confident that you will have expert representation.
    - Glynda H.
    “Nabiel got things done.”
    I'll keep it simple, I had a legal problem that definitely required a lawyer. I called around, and of all the attorneys that I contacted the only one that could give me a solid answer was Nabiel. He worked with me and answered my questions. One aspect of working with Nabiel is that he's very efficient both with his work and clients. In my particular case I had a co-defendant and I could see the difference between the two attorneys. The other attorney dragged his feet and just ran up my co-defendants bill while Nabiel got things done.
    - Jesse
    “Mr. Ahmed was able to get the ticket completely dismissed.”
    My son was a recent client of Mr. Ahmed. We decided to use his services after speaking with three other well seasoned, higher priced attorneys. We found that Mr. Ahmed was more prompt in his response time. He was more familiar with the new changes in the medical marijuana laws, and my son found his youth more relatable. I liked his straight forward plan of action, and the fact that he worked with our budget restraints. Best of all, Mr. Ahmed was able to get the ticket completely dismissed.
    - C. D.
    “Very talented attorney with excellent communication skills!”
    First of all I would like to start by saying "Thank You" to Nabiel Ahmed. He has been a blessing to me and my family. I came to Nabiel back in August 2012, to save my State License against Revokation from the BSIS. I was so scared to loose my Security License but when I met with Nabiel he made feel very comfortable and he basically gave me a guarantee that I will keep my State License and not to worry about anything. Well Nabiel's guarantee was 100%. He has saved my State License from Revokation. Nabiel Ahmed is by far the most professional attorney I have ever met. He was very consistent with me, he always picked my phone calls even when he was very busy. I found Nabiel to be very professional, friendly, good listener, adaptive in his approach based on my unique issues, and very responsive. Nabiel is not only an excellent attorney I would refer to all my friends and family but he is also a very caring and generous person. He is a very talented Attorney with excellent communication skills. I want to thank him again for saving me and family from almost loosing everything. I would recommend all and everyone to Nabiel to be their attorney for many different cases including my type of case. Nabiel you are the best and you rock!!!
    - R. S.
    “Thanks Mr. Ahmed, your work is much appreciated!”
    Provided a spectacular service, helped get my case dismissed, was of great comfort and affordable as well. Thanks Mr. Ahmed, your work is much appreciated!
    - Billy D.
    “Mr. Ahmed never waivered in his commitment to me.”
    As I have never written a review I am not sure how to proceed so I guess I will just tell it like it was. In July 2009, I was unexpectedly served with divorce papers after fifteen years of marriage and in the middle of relocating to Colorado. Since the action was filed in California, I was forced to find an attorney in that area. After several conversation with attorneys it Oakland, Pleasanton, Dublin and San Leandro I was fortunate to speak to Mr. Nabiel Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed was supportive of my concerns, was quick to show me support and always had a recommendation at hand. Mr. Ahmed would take my call any time of the day or night and was always willing to take the time to explain every situation and possible outcome. This case took almost two years to resolve and Mr. Ahmed never waivered in his commitment to me, or to my getting a fair outcome. Some very complex issues protracted this case, as my spouse or her attorney had no interest in making a settlement, and would muddy the waters every way possible. Although we made several offers to settle in a fair manner for everyone, those offers were met with rejection and it looked like I would lose everything. Mr. Ahmed once again exceeded my expectations by negotiating a final settlement. Now after more then 20 months of legal work it appears to be over and I feel I did receive a fair out come as it was more then I originally wanted. I was very grateful for the outcome and the settlement Mr. Ahmed was able to negotiate but once again, he went above and beyond when he waived the balance of his legal fees. As I stated, I feel Mr. Ahmed is not only skilled in his profession but he is also a person of honor and integrity who sticks with his client even when things are not going as anticipated. I am sure given the circumstances any other attorney I spoke with would have dropped this case within the first year Mr. Ahmed stayed and fought for me and I will always remember that quality in him.
    - Albert
    “He is enthusiastic and knowledgeable.”
    Nabiel Ahmed did an excellent job for me. He always responded to my questions and kept me informed of the ongoing progress of my case. He explained what needed to be done and what approach he was going to take. I feel that he really takes an interest and cares about his work. He is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I was very happy with his work and felt that his fee was more than fair. I would highly recommend him.
    - Christy
    “I would recommend him to all my friends.”
    This is one of the best lawyers who has ever worked on my gun charges case. I would recommend him to all my friends is in need of a good lawyer. He's very responsive, dependable, and dedicated to his work.
    - Damion
    “From a Grateful Parent”
    As a parent, when your child gets into trouble it is the worst feeling in the world, especially if that trouble is with the law. I'm not a lawyer, I don't have much experience with the legal system, but I wanted to make sure that my child got good advice and guidance. Nabiel was able to relate to my young adult, give him sound counsel and take practical steps to mitigate the damages. I can't thank him enough for allowing me some peace of mind during a trying time. Knowing that he was there for us and had the knowledge and expertise to do everything that could be done was a huge help. From my experience, Nabiel is an attorney who really seems to care about his clients, not just about grabbing a fee for as little work as possible.
    - Grateful Parent
    “I was very pleased with the outcome of my case.”
    I found Nabiel online when I was searching for a lawyer to help me fight my case. I was picked up on traffic warrants and in the midst of getting arrested the police found drugs in my purse. Mr. Ahmed took my case and I found him to be an extremely competent attorney. He was able to satisfactorily resolve my case in a timely fashion. He was able to reduce my charges from intent to sell and possession to intoxication. And was also able to get my traffic case dismissed. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and would utilize and recommend him in the future.
    - Rachel
    “He was always very honest with me.”
    I contacted Mr. Ahmed after I had gotten yet another DUI while driving home late. I had both been represented by other attorneys in the previous DUI's, but also had contacted an attorney for the one that Mr. Ahmed ended up taking care of for me. The attorney was very pessimistic and over-exaggerating and I wasn't very hopeful on the outcome of what would happen to me. Although I knew I was more than likely going to have to do some time, What I asked of Mr. Ahmed initially over the phone, he made sure to carry out for me all the way to the end. He was always very honest with me and remained optimistic. His attitude and knowledge helped my peace of mind, and I could feel comfortable, despite everything, that he was handling the case for me. I am very pleased with the outcome and would recommend.
    - Nicole L.
    “Another happy client of Nabiel Ahmed.”
    I am very happy with the work Nabiel Ahmed has done for my family. My daughter was in a difficult situation and through his efforts a potential legal prosecution was diverted. He was extremely patient answering all our myriad questions and was always available by phone to keep us updated. He impresses me as smart, talented and kind. But the reason I would recommend Nabiel Ahmed to any of my friends is his commitment to work hard, doing his best for each client with the energy of a young ambitious man who is serious about building his career.
    - Abigail
    “Quick & Easy”
    At a time like this in my life I didn't know where to turn. I was referred to Nabiel and it was great! I was lost and had a lot of questions. He was always available and patient with me. He told me I could call him at anytime if I had questions or concerns about my case and he always picked up the phone if he was available. He was very understanding about my situation and made me feel very confident about my case. He got this case over quick & easy! I would definitely recommend him!
    - M. Martin
    “He is not only a good lawyer but a good person also.”
    I was involved in a very nasty criminal case. A friend of mine recommended me to consult Nabiel Ahmed. As per my request he represented me without me being physically present in the court throughout my case.He went out of his way to help me with this case, I personally felt that he didn't only take my case because he wanted to get a client but he actually believed that it was a wrongful case against me. For me it was very important for my lawyer to believe that I wasn't lying. He is not only a good lawyer but a good person also.
    - Sumera
    “Outstanding and professional work.”
    Mr. Ahmed was very helpful and informative and looked at my case right away and reassured me that he could handle with no problem. This was a restraining order case. He kept in touch with me and filed papers on a timely manner. We went into court on the very first appearance and won the case. I highly recommend Nabiel Ahmed for your professional needs. He presented himself very professionally and was ready when my case came up. Outstanding job and, if ever I need any lawyer in the future, he is the MAN.
    “Very committed attorney!”
    My boyfriend and I were referred to Nabiel by an immigration attorney to handle a matter before we could proceed with our petition, and ever since, we do not regret one bit of having hired him because he is an outstanding lawyer. As soon as we met for the first time he was comprehensive about the case and that was self-assuring to me. On our second appointment, he surprisingly lowered the fee and that was amazing because it shows he is not only a great lawyer, but a great human as well. We live in a different city, and I have a hectic schedule, so most of the communication was over the phone or e-mail and he was very responsive and not to mention, timely. He is still working on my boyfriend’s case but so far Nabiel has proven to be responsible at getting business done so I don’t have a doubt he’ll get everything set right for us soon because he seems very committed to our case. He also works hand in hand with our immigration lawyer and that is a weight lifted off my shoulders cause I don’t have to go back and forth with information, he even does that for me. I highly recommend Nabiel, and like I told him at our last appointment, I wouldn’t want to seem him again anytime soon, but IF we were ever again in any legal trouble, he’ll be the one we turn to.
    - Karina
    “Attentive and honest.”
    Mr. Nabiel was able to resolve my issue the most effective and easy manner. I had a few specific requests and he was able to make those happen. He is a good person.
    - DUI
    “A real go-getter!”
    When I met Nabiel, I was truly distraught. Other attorneys had tried to force me into accepting something I didn't want simply because it would be easier for them. Nabiel listened to me and I felt like he really understood that I was innocent. He ended up getting me a deal everyone else insisted was impossible. I highly recommend him.
    - Suzanne
    “Nabiel is a very knowledgeable and aggressive attorney.”
    Nabiel is a very knowledgeable and assertive attorney, who is not afraid to fight for his clients. I met Nabiel about a year ago in the DA's office, downtown Oakland. I was seeking information about a legal matter, but wasn't completely familiar with procedures, and Nabiel stepped up and assisted me with my request. He explained the process, told me what to expect, and the estimated turn-around time. I was very pleased that he was willing to assist me and dedicate his time to make sure I was on the right track. I inquired about his professional services and background, and found that Nabiel has a stable track record as a young aggressive attorney who's willing to fight for his clients. One of the first questions he asked me was what did I want to do and what did I expect from him. I've always had an idea of the kind of lawyer I'd want to represent me in court, and I described that person to Nabiel, and he told me he couldn't guarantee an outcome, but he assured me that he'd fight tooth and nail to the end, and that's what he did. He was my voice, and he was heard. I know that all cases and circumstances are different, but the drive, fight, dedication and determination does not change for Nabiel. He is truly a warrior for his clients.
    - L.T.
    “I felt as though I were his only client.”
    I am extremely happy with Nabiel Ahmed's services. Having him as my attorney made the legal process much less arduous. Throughout my case, he was extremely reliable, thorough and responsive to all of my needs and requests. Often times, I felt as though I were his only client. This is extraordinary given the demands and challenges an attorney faces in this line of work. He ensured an outcome for me that I was happy with and made me feel very comfortable along the way. I felt at ease throughout the entire process. It really was a pleasure to do business with him.
    - DUI Client
    “Finally, an attorney who keeps his word!”
    I hired Mr. Ahmed on a referral and because I live in Redding, CA, most of our business was handled by telephone, which made it rather difficult for me to put my trust in someone that I had never seen. But I did and I am happy to say I am very pleased with how he handled my case. The results had been just as he predicted! So if I or anyone I know needs an attorney in the Alameda area, I would strongly recommend him.
    - Civil Rights Client
    “He won my DUI appeal!”
    I was unfairly convicted of a DUI in Truckee, California. My attorney who lost my trial informed me that I had no chance of winning an appeal. I contacted and interviewed several "appeal" attorneys. The only person who I had the confidence in to handle my appeal was Mr. Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed was both positive as well as realistic. I am grateful he was able to overturn my conviction. As a professional it was a pleasure to work with someone who was a good listener and optimist.
    - Appeals Client
    “He has a very calming demeanor that relaxes you immediately.”
    If you need a good attorney, Mr. Ahmed is everything he says on his site. I found his name on as I was having some legal issues. He has a very calming demeanor that relaxes you immediately. He took his time to listen, and always seemed sincere. Mr. Ahmed puts his clients first and i feel he went above and beyond his call of duty to help me out. If you don't want a dump of a lawyer that will charge you up the you know what and pay no attention to you or your questions, then I'd give him a call. Thanks!
    - Tenae K.
    “He got my case dismissed!”
    I have used Nabiel in the past year to represent me through both the eviction process and for traffic violations. Last week, he helped me get two traffic violations dismissed in court and I was extremely happy because I cannot afford to have any more points on my record. 6 months ago, I got two speeding tickets in one week, which would have put me at 3 points, driving my insurance premiums sky high. Thanks to Nabiel's diligent extensions and court appearances, both cases were dismissed due to lack of evidence. I highly suggest anyone who gets traffic violations to call Nabiel to help save your driving record. Saving the added expense of paying a high premium on your insurance for the next few years makes it worth trying. Less than a year ago, I also had an issue with an insolvent tennant who needed to get evicted from my Sacramento property. Nabiel saved me a lot of stress and headache by taking care of the process for me. Not only did he successfully free up my property so i can rent it out to someone else, Nabiel also took the extra step to get a judgement against the tennant for the overdue rent, cleaning expenses and lawyer's fees. I am a very busy person and having someone like Nabiel on your side is a great asset. I would recomend him to anyone and surely utilize his services for all my legal needs.
    - Monica
    “Goes Beyond Expectation”
    “I will continue to recommend Nabiel Ahmed to everyone that seeks not just an amazing and down-to-earth attorney but an empathetic human being. I've used his services twice and he has gone beyond my expectations that I would expect from any other attorney y”
    - B Mega