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Miranda Rights
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Miranda Rights California

Know Your Miranda Rights

Did the police arrest you for DUI and fail to read your Miranda rights to you? Despite popular opinion, this is not actually a violation of the law. The police are only required to read your rights to you if you are in their custody AND being interrogated. An experienced Oakland criminal defense attorney can review your case to determine if the police's failure to read you your Miranda rights can be used as a valid defense.

Your Miranda Rights

There is no exact wording of the Miranda Rights, but in general, an arresting police officer must inform you of the following:

  • Your right to remain silent
  • That the failure to remain silent can be used against you in a court of law
  • Your right to an attorney
  • Your right to have an attorney provided for you

The arresting officer must also be sure that the suspect understands these rights and if there is a language barrier, a translator must be provided.

When Investigation Turns into Interrogation

The moment you are suspected of a DUI, theft offense, drug crime, or any other criminal offense, an officer will likely begin asking you a series of questions that are designed to make a case against you. These questions are investigative in nature because the officer is using these questions to determine if you should be arrested or not. After you are arrested, it is possible to assert that any communication or question from law enforcement officers are investigative in nature. This means that if you were arrested and asked a series of questions without being read your Miranda Rights, the law may have been broken by those arresting you.

Using Miranda Rights as a DUI Defense

If you were not read your Rights, then we can help. The Oakland DUI defense lawyers at the Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed are skilled in investigating all angles of DUI cases in order to build a solid defense for clients. With over 10 years of experience, we understand the best methods of building a complete defense for those with DUI charges.

However, using a Miranda rights DUI defense will not get all evidence thrown out in court. It only applies to verbal testimony. Other forms of evidence such as field sobriety tests or BAC results will have to be addressed by our law firm as well.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Most suspects don't realize that they have the right to remain silent always during their interaction with law enforcement. This means that you are not required to answer an officer's questions. In fact, it is best if you do not answer them. Simply reply that you would like to remain silent until you are able to speak to an attorney. Law enforcement officials may show anger at you’re silence. However, you are never required to answer them while being arrested.

After over 10 years of criminal defense, the Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed is respected nationwide as an advocate for the criminally accused. We obtain real results for people that need them the most. We proudly help clients in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Concord, and the surrounding areas!

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