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Driving on a Suspended License in East Bay, CA

If your driver's license has been suspended or revoked in the State of California, you have an obligation to avoid driving. Despite these obligations, there are many reasons why individuals with suspended licenses continue to drive, including going to work, getting to the doctor's office, and providing for a family. If you are caught, however, the penalties are severe, and judges do not look favorably on those individuals who are caught routinely breaking the law.

To be convicted of driving on a suspended or revoked license, the prosecutor must prove that you knew your license was suspended while you were driving. While there are many reasons your license could have been suspended or revoked, the most common is in connection with a DUI conviction.

Penalties for Driving on Suspended or Revoked California Driver's License

If you are convicted of driving on a suspended license, you face possible jail time, a longer suspension of your driver's license, fines, and more.

The exact penalties and punishment depends largely on the following factors:

  • The reason your license was initially suspended
  • Any prior convictions for driving with a suspended license
  • Driving history
  • Criminal record
  • Circumstances surrounding your arrest
  • And more

If you have prior offenses or a long criminal history, the judge may impose a harsher sentence than a first-time offender would receive. Additionally, if you are convicted of driving on a suspended license in California, the judge may require you to install a California ignition interlock device on your car.

Defenses Against Driving on a Suspended License in California

After a DUI conviction, your Oakland driving on a suspended license lawyer may be able to obtain a restricted license for you. This means that you may be allowed to drive your car to and from work or school, doctor's offices, and other important court permitted activities. Though a restricted license does not provide complete freedom, it allows you the ability to accomplish essential tasks. If you have a restricted license already and were driving within its requirements, your attorney will work to have your charges dismissed on this basis.

Even when the evidence is stacked against you, your Oakland driving on a suspended license lawyer may be able to have the prosecutor reduce the charges to a lesser infraction or moving violation. If you have no criminal history and this is your first offense, prosecutors may be more willing to reduce the charges.

No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your case, you need an aggressive and experienced Oakland driving on a suspended license lawyer on your side from the moment you are arrested or receive a citation. Your attorney can fight these serious charges, to protect your future and your driving record. Driving is a serious offense that the law does not take lightly—you deserve an Oakland driving on a suspended license attorney with the experience needed to win.

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If you are facing charges for driving on a suspended license, it is important to understand how these charges could harm your driving record, your insurance, and your future.

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