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Prostitution Charges in Oakland California

Oakland Prostitution Defense Lawyer

Undercover police officers pose as prostitutes all the time, hoping to catch unsuspecting johns in the act. They also pose as johns, looking to bust prostitutes and their pimps. These undercover sting operations also unfortunately snare innocent men and women with frequency. When this occurs, you need an experienced Oakland prostitution defense lawyer on your side. We proudly help clients in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Concord, and the surrounding areas!

California Penal Code 647(b) is also known as California's prostitution law. It makes it illegal for anyone to engage in the act of prostitution or to offer to engage in the act of prostitution. Both the prostitute and the customer (also known as a john) can be arrested and charged with a prostitution crime. Additionally, a pimp or a Madame can also be arrested, but they will face charges of pimping and pandering instead.

Prostitution rings are very common. Illegal immigrants and children are often coerced into this lifestyle and offered very little choice. When this occurs, more serious child prostitution or sex trafficking charges can be levied instead of prostitution.

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What is Prostitution in California?

The act of prostitution involves performing sexual acts or allowing someone to perform sexual acts for money. This can involve sexual intercourse, erotic fondling, or oral sex. Even if money does not ever change hands, simply offering to pay for sex or soliciting another person for sex is against the law.

It is also important to note that the sexual acts do not have to be performed in order to be charged with prostitution or soliciting a prostitute. Simply agreeing to pay or agreeing to perform the sexual acts in question are enough to arrest you and charge you with a prostitution crime.

Sandy is walking on the street in a provocative dress. An undercover agent posing as a john approaches her and offers to pay her $200 for a blowjob. She agrees and leads him to an alley. Sandy would then be arrested for agreeing to engage in the act of prostitution, even though she did not receive any money or perform the sexual act.

California Prostitution Penalties

In the State of California, prostitution crimes are not penalized as severely as other sex crimes. Penalties include:

  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • Fines up to $1,000
  • A misdemeanor charge
  • 2nd offenses require a minimum of 45 days in county jail
  • 3rd offenses require a minimum of 90 days in county jail

If you used your vehicle while committing the offense and you were within 1,000 feet of a residence, your driver’s license may be suspended for 30 days, or, you may be issued a restricted license for up to half a year, which means you'd be limited to driving for work and school purposes.

Moreover, if you committed the offense while in your vehicle, it’s subject to being seized under California’s asset forfeiture laws.

Damage to your reputation is perhaps the worst penalty for being arrested and charged with a prostitution crime. Johns may face serious repercussions at home and at work. Charges of prostitution can damage your marriage, relationships, friendships, career, and reputation in the community. Therefore, you need these charges to be dismissed as quickly and as quietly as possible.

At the Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed, our Oakland prostitution defense lawyers understand your desire to keep these charges private and we work quickly to have them dismissed. We also know the damage that a prostitution charge can cause and will help you protect your reputation and your standing in the community throughout the legal process.

Defense for Prostitution Charges in California

Our defense law firm serves clients in Oakland, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and throughout the East Bay. With over ten years of experience, our founding attorney has an accomplished record of results. Contact the Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed today at (510) 907-6600 for a free review of you case. If you are already detained, we are also available for phone consultations and jail interviews. You can also fill out a confidential contact form.



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