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Exhibition of Speed California

Oakland Speeding Lawyer for Exhibition of Speed

Racing may seem like a thrilling way to spend a late Saturday night, but in the State of California, speed contests are both dangerous and illegal. Exhibition of speed (also known as speed contests) can be a serious driving offense and could subject you to jail time. As such, if you are charged with exhibition of speed, you need an aggressive and experienced Oakland speeding lawyer on your side to help protect your driving record and your freedom.

California Vehicle Code section 23109(c) makes it illegal for anyone to engage in a motor vehicle speed contest on a highway. This includes racing against other vehicles or racing against a timing device. Contrary to popular belief, to be convicted of exhibition of speed, you do not actually have to break the speed limit. If an officer believes that you were racing or showing off, he or she can charge you with exhibition of speed.

Due to the subjective nature of this offense, officers routinely charge individuals with exhibition of speed simply for accelerating too rapidly or peeling out too quickly. As such, you need an experienced Oakland speeding lawyer on your side to review the circumstances surrounding the incident and expose the holes in the prosecution's case.

Penalties for Exhibition of Speed in California

If you are convicted of exhibition of speed in the State of California, you face the following penalties and consequences:

  • Up to 90 days in county jail
  • Up to $500 fines
  • Probation
  • Possible loss of driving license
  • 2 points on your driving record
  • Automobile insurance premium increases
  • And more

Defenses Against Exhibition of Speed in California

You cannot be convicted of exhibition of speed if you did not intend to drive your car recklessly. Perhaps you were driving a new car or a rental car? Perhaps you unintentionally hit the gas pedal? If the prosecution cannot prove that you intended to engage in speed to show off or race, then you should not be found guilty. An experienced Oakland speeding defense lawyer can help determine the best defense to beat these serious charges.

Exhibitions of Speed and DUI California

There are times when a conviction of exhibition of speed is preferred—as in the case of DUI. If you are arrested and charged with DUI in Oakland or anywhere in the Oakland Area, the Oakland speeding attorney at the Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed may be able to have your DUI charge reduced to an exhibition of speed charge. This is beneficial in many ways because exhibition of speed convictions does not come with mandatory loss of licenses or mandatory SR-22 filing requirements. If there is a flaw in the prosecution's case against you, your attorney may be able to have your DUI charges reduced to exhibition of speed charges. We proudly help clients in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Concord, and the surrounding areas!

If you are facing speeding charges, it is important to understand how these charges could affect your driving record, your insurance, and your future. Reach out to our Oakland speeding lawyers at (510) 907-6600.



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