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Have you been arrested under false pretenses for possession of marijuana for sale? The Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed can help you—starting right now. Nabiel C. Ahmed, our Oakland drug crime lawyer, has successfully defended people accused of possession of marijuana for sale in numerous cases. When their future is on the line, the people of Oakland and East Bay turn to Mr. Ahmed’s experience and nationally-renowned trial skills.

In many of our cases, we have gotten charges completely dropped or reduced to misdemeanor violations. If you had property associated with medical marijuana use and growth taken away from you, our firm also fights for the return of your property. Get the help of an attorney who is knowledgeable in the laws of medical marijuana/cultivation.

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Compassionate Use Act of 1996: California Medical Marijuana/Cultivation Laws

Under California Health and Safety Code 11362.5 or the Compassionate Use Act, there are exceptions to the use of marijuana that are authorized as legal. Charges for possession of marijuana or cultivation of marijuana do not apply to patients or the primary caregivers of patients if it is for a medical purpose. The medical purpose must be approved either orally or in writing by a physician.

Medical conditions that may be considered valid include:

  • Cancer
  • Anorexia
  • AIDS
  • Chronic pain/arthritis
  • Glaucoma
  • Migraines
  • Any other illness for which marijuana provides relief

Unfortunately, even with those laws in place, innocent individuals and medical marijuana dispensaries come under fire from law enforcement agencies. As a result, you could face serious felony drug charges for violating California's drug laws. Without an experienced Oakland criminal defense lawyer on your side, you could face significant time in prison for these crimes.

Types of Marijuana Charges

The experienced Oakland marijuana defense lawyers at The Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed have handled defenses against all types of charges related to medical marijuana.

We have successfully defended our clients from serious charges, including:

  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Sale or Distribution of Marijuana
  • Trafficking of Marijuana
  • Growth or Cultivation of Marijuana
  • Criminal Conspiracies involving Marijuana

California's Medical Marijuana Laws

Proposition 215 of Health & Safety Code Section 11362.5, California's Compassionate Use Act, makes it legal for patients and their designated primary caregivers to possess and cultivate marijuana to treat their medically approved illnesses. In 2004, this law was expanded (SB420) to allow patients to form collective farms or cooperatives in order to grow their own medical marijuana. SB420 also established guidelines on how much marijuana a patient can legally possess, as well as how much they are allowed to grow. As long as you stay within these guidelines, you are protected from criminal conviction—in theory.

Getting Back Any Seized Property

If you have had money or any other property that has been seized by law enforcement agencies based on accusations of possession for sale of marijuana, get our firm behind your case today. We may be able to get back your money and property. In addition to fighting your possession of marijuana charge, we will do everything we can to get seized money and property returned to you. Attorney Ahmed has had a great deal of success fighting for our clients’ property to be returned to them.

Arrested/Accused of Marijuana for Sale in Bay Area? Call for a Free Consultation

We provide all our clients zealous advocacy and individualized attention and care. We will keep the lines of communication open with you, and follow up on what we say we are going to do. To discuss your case with a skilled and experienced Oakland drug crime attorney, call (510) 907-6600. We proudly help clients in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Concord, and the surrounding areas!



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