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Requirements for Traffic School in California

Requirements for Traffic School in California

If you recently received a traffic ticket, you may be wondering if you can go to traffic school. This is a good thing to be curious about since not going to traffic school (when you’re eligible) can have an adverse effect on your auto insurance premiums. Read on as we explain the eligibility requirements for traffic school in California.

Generally, people can go to traffic school if they have a valid driver’s license, the offense occurred in a regular passenger car, SUV, or truck, and the ticket is for a moving violation that is classified as an infraction.

If you receive a reminder notice from the court, the notice will say whether you’re eligible for traffic school. If you are eligible for traffic school, once you successfully complete it, you will receive a confidential conviction on your driving record at the DMV, however, no points will be added to your driving record.

Note: If you meet the requirements for traffic school and you do not attend it, please be aware that the failure to attend can have a negative impact on your auto insurance rates.

Who Cannot Go to Traffic School?

Not everyone is eligible for traffic school. You cannot go to traffic school for misdemeanors, driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol convictions, offenses that occurred while driving a commercial vehicle, offenses that involve a mandatory court appearance, non-moving violations, and equipment offenses, such as a broken taillight.

If you choose to attend traffic school, you must do it by the deadline. You will still have to pay a traffic fine, a court fee, and a traffic school fee. You must also contact the court about your decision to attend traffic school.

“What if I recently went to traffic school, can I go again?” You cannot go to traffic school if you’ve completed traffic school in the last 18 months for another offense. If you are not eligible for traffic school, but you believe you should be, contact our firm to speak with Attorney Ahmed to get down to the bottom of it and explore your options.