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Nabiel C. Ahmed Featured on “Love Thy Lawyer” Podcast

Love Thy Lawyer Podcast Cover
Nabiel C. Ahmed Featured on “Love Thy Lawyer” Podcast

Attorney Nabiel C. Ahmed was recently a guest on “Love Thy Lawyer,” a podcast dedicated to getting to know practicing attorneys in Alameda County, CA. Love Thy Lawyer Podcast CoverThe episode covered Nabiel’s early life in the Bay Area, his early legal career, what he finds rewarding about practicing law, and why he continues to believe in the power of legal advocacy.

On what he loves most about practicing the law:

“The best thing about practicing law is that you can always be what you want to be still. You’re never inhibited. There’s no ceiling. Whatever you want to learn about, be a part of…you can find that through the practice [of law].”

On how he would change the world if he could accomplish anything:

“I would accelerate the advancement of medicine and medical technology in our health and wellness system to maximum capacity over anything. To give those in need a chance that a lot of us have that they don’t.”

Hosted by Louis J Goodman, a fellow Alameda County criminal defense lawyer, the podcast offers an inside look at what shaped Nabiel’s career, what continues to drive him to fight for his clients, and even the secret behind his middle initial. If you want to know about what leads someone to fall in love with advocacy, how an East Bay criminal defense lawyer gets started in criminal defense, and why attorneys believe defending the accused on trial is one of the highest callings in the world, tune in.

The episode is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else you get your podcasts.

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