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Can Someone Find Out if I'm Incarcerated?

Can Someone Find Out if I'm Incarcerated?

If you’re arrested and charged with a criminal offense, it’s not exactly something that you want people to find out about. After all, it can be embarrassing, and it can be a very private matter that you don’t feel like discussing with co-workers, extended family members, and even neighbors.

Suppose you are officially charged with a crime. Now you’re wondering, “Since I’m MIA, can people find out that I’m incarcerated in a jail or prison?” This is a reasonable question and it’s only natural for suspects or inmates to ask it.

Finding Someone Who is in Jail or Prison

Can just anybody find out that you’re in jail or prison? Not exactly. For someone to find out that you’re incarcerated, they’ll need some privy information first. For example, if you’re in a California State Prison, the inquirer will need to provide your CDC number, or your full name and date of birth to find out if you’re housed in an adult correctional facility.

If you’re in a federal prison, the inquirer will have to search the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Inmate Locator database, but they’ll need your first and last name and your Register Number, DCDC Number, INS Number, or FBI Number.

If you’re in County Jail, the person would have to call the jail itself. People can find the phone numbers of the local jails by contacting the county sheriff. For someone to find the addresses and phone numbers of the county sheriffs throughout the State of California, they can go to this webpage.

If someone really wants to find out if you’re in a California jail or prison, it is possible for them to locate you if they’re smart and patient enough. But in some cases, it won’t be possible for people to locate inmates if they lack the required information, such as an FBI number or the inmates full name and date of birth.

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