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How to Defend Against Rape Accusations in CA

How to Defend Against Rape Accusations in CA

Is someone accusing you of rape? If the sex was consensual or if the allegations are 100% false, it can be disheartening. The problem with rape or any sexual assault or battery allegations is that there was often no one around to witness it, so it can be a classic case of “he said, she said.” In effect, the accused can feel defenseless.

If you’re accused of a sex offense, it’s critical to retain a knowledgeable, experienced criminal defense lawyer. The penalties for sex offenses, even misdemeanors can be overwhelming. The consequences of a conviction often include fines, incarceration, sex offender registration, and not to mention the “stigma” of conviction.

Two Main Types of Sex Crimes

There are two main categories of sex crimes: 1) sex crimes against children, and 2) sex crimes against adults. The associated penalties largely depend on the age of the victim, whether a weapon was used to commit the crime, and if serious bodily injuries were involved.

Another issue is internet and computer sex crimes. Online predators, who target minors are receiving a lot of attention from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies these days. Often, law enforcement officers will leave traps to catch predators in the act of trying to “groom” and lure minors online.

Defending Sex Crime Charges

Each case is unique, but all successful defenses hinge on hard work and intensive preparation. Your defense attorney has to master the key facts of your case. He or she has to understand the legal principles and the accuser’s motives, because, knowing the motivation is vital to the defense.

You won’t be surprised to learn that most sex crime cases involve people who know each other well. It’s extremely common for false accusations to arise in a divorce case involving a contentious child custody battle. Thus, it’s vital for legal counsel to understand the nature of the relationship between the alleged victim and the accused.

In a sex offense case, the smallest details matter...a lot. However, it takes a skilled criminal defense attorney with extensive experience defending sex crime charges to launch a powerful defense. To learn more about the defenses available in your case, contact our East Bay criminal defense firm today.

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