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What Counts as a Crime Against Society?

What Counts as a Crime Against Society?

When you hear the term, “crimes against the society,” what types of images come to mind? Public intoxication, gambling, prostitution, spousal abuse? Crimes against the society or crimes against the public order are fairly obvious – they are crimes that go against the morals and ethics of our culture.

Each state has its own standards that define what it means to commit a crime that goes against society’s beliefs. In California, what types of crimes go against society? Here are some examples:

  • Criminal Trespass: Clearly, people do not like it when others trespass onto their private property without their permission. The penalties for criminal trespass depend on the facts of the case, the defendant’s intentions, and state law.
  • Gambling Offenses: Gambling is criminalized under state and federal law. When a gaming law is violated, the sentencing can range from probation to years behind bars in prison. A criminal defense attorney can explain the differences between state and federal gambling violations.
  • Prostitution Offenses: While many people feel prostitution should be legal, it’s still criminalized under California law. One of the reasons why local, state and federal authorities continue to crack down on prostitution is it’s close connection to human trafficking.
  • Public Intoxication: While it’s not illegal to have a moderate amount of alcohol and be in public, it is illegal to have so much to drink that one is impaired by alcohol in public under Section 647(f) of the California Penal Code.
  • Public Nudity: In California, public nudity is called “indecent exposure” under Section 314 of the California Penal Code.
  • Loitering in a Public Bathroom: Under Section 647(d) of the California Penal Code, it’s illegal to loiter in a public bathroom for the purpose of engaging in or soliciting a sexual act.
  • Underage Sex: Having a sex with a minor is criminalized under California law. The penalties depend on the age of the victim and the age of the actor.
  • Child Pornography: This is criminalized under state and federal laws; however, people can accidentally stumble upon child pornography and be subsequently charged.
  • Sexual Conduct in Public: This is illegal in California.
  • Weapons Violations: California has strict gun laws that govern when and how a weapon can be purchased, and who can possess a firearm. Federal gun laws come into play too; for example, those convicted of a felony cannot possess a firearm until their civil rights are restored.
  • Drunk and Drugged Driving: Due to the dangerous of drunk and drugged driving, this offense is highly frowned upon by today’s society.

We hope the above information helps you better understand crimes against society. If you are facing criminal charges in Oakland or anywhere in the East Bay, contact our firm at once for a free criminal defense consultation.

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