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Cops Punch Oakland Student in Disturbing Video

Cops Punch Oakland Student in Disturbing Video

A disturbing video was released on March 6, 2015 that shows a security officer dragging a Fremont High School student out and punching him off camera. The incident actually occurred last year, but the Oakland Unified Police Chief is now calling for a review of the horrific incident.

The incident began on January 22, 2014 when a 15-year-old freshman was standing at the threshold of a door and blocking people from coming in or out. A security officer came up and began speaking to the student. He then pushed the student into the office and put him in a neck hold. When the 2 security guards escorted the student into the hallway, the student attempted to throw a punch at the officer. At that point, the officer began punching him back.

Oakland Unified Police Chief Jeff Godown is appalled that the officers would put their hands on the student and then use so much force on a 15-year-old in high school. He is also disturbed that this video sat in a file for 14 months before he became aware of it. Sadly, this is not the only incident. Last May another video surfaced that showed a security officer punching a student in a wheelchair at Oakland High School. Now, Godown will review 5 years worth of cases.

Excessive force is not a new issue. Yet, it is one that is gaining traction across the country, due to recent news events in Ferguson and New York.

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