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Attorney Ahmed Interviewed on Security Officers & Excessive Force in High Schools

Attorney Ahmed Interviewed on Security Officers & Excessive Force in High Schools

How much force is too much? With police officers facing some serious heat lately, it can be a difficult question to answer, especially when confrontations involve students.

Even though the case of a freshman student at an Oakland Unified School District high school is more than a year old, it is just now surfacing and getting attention. The video shows a young man standing in the doorway of an office. Soon, security officers walk up and talk to him for a few seconds before dragging him into the building and down a hallway. Eventually, the student attempts to throw what looks like a punch, with officers responding aggressively by appearing to punch him back.

Attorney Ahmed Shares Insight on Case

Oakland Unified Police Chief Jeff Godown even questions the need for such force. More than that, he is concerned that the video sat in a file for 14 months. The family of the boy is considering a civil lawsuit against the district. It has brought up another similar case involving a school security officer who punched a student in a wheelchair at Oakland High.

The officer in this past case-who Attorney Nabiel C. Ahmed is representing-is facing felony assault charges in his upcoming trial. “Without the appropriate resources, a school security officer is forced to deal with a very difficult situation alone or with very limited help,” Attorney Ahmed was quoted saying. With such a complex situation, a seasoned advocate from the Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed is often needed in these types of cases.

You can watch the video and interview with Attorney Ahmed on ABC 7 News here.

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