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  • Roundtable With Nabiel Ahmed & Nafiz Ahmed
    Join the roundtable conversation as we compare and contrast court practices in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties.

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  • Our Firm is Representing a Soccer Coach Accused of Exchanging Chats of a Sexual Nature with an Older Male Officer
    As a defense firm, we believe everyone has a right to high-caliber defense representation. Our firm is currently representing a Moraga soccer coach who has been accused of exchanging chats of a sexual nature with an older male officer posing as a 14-year-old girl. Our case intends to prove that our client was aware of the ruse and played along in order to determine who was deceiving him and why. Trial began in November 2020. Difficult and controversial cases like this one don’t intimidate us, so if you’re facing serious charges, speak with Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed as soon as possible.

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  • Listen to Nabiel Ahmed on "Love Thy Lawyer"
    In this podcast, Louis J Goodman, a lawyer himself, interviews a rising star in the Alameda County criminal justice system, Nabiel Ahmed. Learn about Nabiel's upbringing, time in law school, his practice, and his views on the world!

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  • Roundtable With Nabiel Ahmed & Matt Fregi

    Louis Goodman, Nabiel Ahmed, and Matt Fregi engage in a wide ranging discussion of contemporary topic in the local legal system. If you prefer to watch on YouTube, click here.

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  • How to Cope With Your Neighbor from H*LL

    This evening on Your Legal Rights, Jeff Hayden, the host of YLR, is joined by Municipal Attorney Lance Bayer and East Bay attorney Nabiel Ahmed. Nabiel Ahmed specializes in assisting clients in obtaining or defending against restraining orders.

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  • A Lawyer's Journey with Nabiel Ahmed

    Nabiel Ahmed joins the ACBA podcast for the fourth time, discussing his legal career in Alameda and Contra Costa counties with offices in Oakland and San Ramon. He explores the benefits of courtroom advocacy, his foray into civil law, and his eventual return to criminal defense. Listen for insights on gaining criminal defense experience as a law student and navigating the business side of legal practice.

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