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Can I Move While on Probation?

Can I Move While on Probation?

People move all the time. Sometimes they move because they take a new job. Sometimes they move to be closer to family because a loved one is sick, or because they need family support with their young children. Sometimes people move because they need something more affordable, or because they get married.

If you’re on probation and you are considering moving, you’re probably asking yourself, “Am I allowed to move while I’m on probation?” and it’s very good that you are asking this question because if you move and it’s not allowed, you can face a probation violation, a hearing, incarceration, and the revocation of your probation.

Moving While on Probation in California

When offenders are placed on probation in Oakland and the East Bay, they are required to check in with their probation officers regularly. Sometimes probationers have to check in by phone, and sometimes they have to do it in person.

The probationer may have to receive substance abuse treatment, take random drug tests, complete a batterer intervention program, and receive counseling. The offender may also be prohibited from leaving a certain geographical area, especially if the court considers them to be a “flight risk.”

If you’re on probation and you wish to move, your PO and the court will be interested in where you plan on moving to. Will the move impact your responsibilities while on probation? Is it so far, that you’ll be out of the city or county?

For example, if you want to move to a cheaper apartment a mile away, that should not affect your reporting duties, but if you want to move to Las Vegas or Oregon to get a fresh start, such a long-distance move would have serious ramifications.

If you desire to move long distance while on probation, your PO will not be able to supervise you when you’re in another jurisdiction or another state, and the local court certainly won’t let you off the hook just because you want to relocate.

Can You Move While On Probation?

While on probation, to move beyond the jurisdiction of the court that convicted and sentenced you, you’ll need to get approval to have the supervision transferred to the county or jurisdiction where you wish to move to. However, local probation offices do not take such moves lightly.

If you believe that your move cannot wait, you’ll not only need a very good reason to move, you’ll need a skilled attorney to convince the office to allow the transfer.

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