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Can a DUI Stop Me from Selling Real Estate?

Can a DUI Stop Me from Selling Real Estate?

Is Oakland, California an expensive place to live? Well, considering the fact that a 1,400-square foot, three-bedroom home can run between $749,000 and $945,000, we’d say, “Yes, Oakland is definitely one of the more expensive places to live in the entire United States.” All you have to do is check out the Oakland real estate prices on!

While it may be expensive to live in Oakland or anywhere else in the East Bay, one thing is for sure: real estate agents can make a killing! Generally, real estate agents charge a 6% commission, which is split 50/50 between the buying and selling agents. From there, the agents split their 3% with the broker, taking home 1.5%. So, if a modest three-bedroom closed at $945,000, 1.5% commission would work out to $14,175 – not bad for one deal!

Clearly, real estate can be an extremely lucrative career, especially in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and Silicon Valley. But what if you’re facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges, can a DUI conviction lead to the cancellation or denial of a California real estate license?

Can You Get a Real Estate License With a DUI?

In short, no. According to the Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Real Estate, “Applicants must be honest and truthful. Conviction of a crime may result in the denial of a license.” The Bureau goes on to say that if an applicant fails to disclose “any criminal conviction or disciplinary action” in their entire history, a license may be denied.

“But what if I’m only convicted of a misdemeanor DUI? Do I have to disclose that?” According to the page titled, Applicant Eligibility Information, it says: “All criminal convictions and pending criminal charges must be disclosed on the license application.” So, you can’t leave anything out in the application. Not an old DUI. Not a misdemeanor DUI.

Will a DUI conviction automatically lead to the cancellation or denial of a real estate license in California? It depends on the facts of the case, but it is possible. Even if a DUI does not cause a license to be revoked or denied, real estate brokers may be hesitant to work with agents with recent convictions because it’s “bad for business.”

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