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Attorney Ahmed Represents Former Oakland Police Officer

Attorney Ahmed Represents Former Oakland Police Officer

Attorney Nabiel C. Ahmed is representing a former Oakland police officer in a case involving several felony charges. The rookie officer was charged with false impressment and brandishing a firearm in February when he pulled his gun on the worker hired to paint his apartment door in Emeryville.

Officer “Barred Anyone from Entering”

KTVU Fox 2 interviewed Attorney Ahmed about the case and he explained how his client feared that the painter could have bene an intruder going after his guns and ammo stored at his apartment. Because of the sensitive nature of the belongings—specifically his guns—in his apartment, the rookie police officer had reportedly barred anyone from entering into his home.

“I certainly think this case should not have been charged because Mr. Santos had a right to protect his home,” said Attorney Ahmed in an interview with KTVU Fox 2.

Despite a note on his door several days before the incident instructing him that the painter would be coming, his client still claims he denied access to any individuals.

Attorney Ahmed elaborated, saying “No one was allowed permission to enter to his home based upon the sensitive materials contained there.”

When the officer arrived home, he saw the painter and pulled his gun out, instructing him to get away from his door. The painter ran away and the officer asked him who opened the door. He walked the man down to the building’s leasing office, where he was later arrested by Emeryville police.

The former police officer is scheduled to appear in court on May 23 to enter his plea. Attorney Nabiel Ahmed will be crafting a strong defense, standing behind our client from day one.

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