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Attorney Nabiel Secures Appellate Win for Client

Attorney Nabiel Secures Appellate Win for Client

The Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed is excited to announce a major appellate win for our client who faced serious penalties and multiple criminal convictions. In 2012, he was charged with carrying a concealed firearm within a vehicle, as well as carrying a loaded firearm in public after being observed by a police officer as he placed a stolen and loaded gun under the driver’s seat of a vehicle he was driving. When he was pulled over after exiting the vehicle and entering another as a passenger, he was found to be in possession of a second gun that was legally registered to him. As a result, the officer used this to search the previous vehicle, finding the stolen firearm.

One year later, our client was seen placing a bag with a legally registered gun in the back of the vehicle. Another officer observed this and charged him. As a result, the prosecution moved to get both legally registered guns admitted as evidence so they could charge our client with exercising control over a stolen gun the previous year. Prior to this, there was no true substantial evidence to demonstrate this possession. Despite lack of connection, the court admitted the evidence and the jury convicted our client.

Pursuing a Successful Appeal

In response, our client quickly sought out our counsel for appealing the unfair convictions. Attorney Nabiel stepped in and used his insightful legal knowledge to assess the case.

He quickly brought forward an appeal demonstrating that:

  • The evidence should not have been admitted;
  • The jury should have been more scrutinizing of the officer’s testimony; and
  • The prosecutor was improperly allowed to validate the officer’s credibility.

As a result of Attorney Nabiel’s advocacy for our client, the appellate court found that the previous court abused its discretion when they failed to exclude the evidence of the previous guns. This means that our clients’ case will now go back to the Alameda Superior Court to be re-sentenced, leaving exceptional opportunity for a more favorable ruling.

Attorney Nabiel will continue to fight to ensure his rights remain protected through the remaining process. Contact our firm if you have questions or a similar case.

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