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Understanding Your Oakland DUI: What is an SR22?

Understanding Your Oakland DUI: What is an SR22?

If you have pled guilty to DUI or DWI in California, you are required to have an SR22 in order to reinstate your driver's license after your suspension is over. An SR22 is a certificate of insurance that your auto insurance company must file with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. This certificate states that you are meeting the state's minimum requirements for auto insurance coverage.

An SR22 can be obtained by contacting your insurance company. Your insurance company will then access your DMV record to determine whether they will cancel your policy or issue the SR22. If your insurance company cancels your insurance policy, you will have to seek out an alternate insurance company and likely pay higher insurance premiums.

Since California law requires drivers to carry both an SR22 and auto insurance after a DUI, there will likely be several auto insurance companies to choose from. However, Oakland DUI drivers can expect to pay between $300 and $800 for an SR22, in addition to "high risk" insurance premiums. You must maintain this SR22 for at least 3 years following a DUI related license suspension. If you are having trouble finding an insurance company, you can visit California's Automobile Assigned Risk Plan website or contact an experienced Oakland DUI defense attorney.

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