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Teens Accused of Sex Offenses Face Serious Consequences

Teens Accused of Sex Offenses Face Serious Consequences

It is no mystery that teens under the age of 18 are having sex and even younger children are curious about experimenting. However, there is a growing trend among law enforcement to aggressively prosecute these behaviors because of the tragic implications sometimes associated with these behaviors.

With today’s increasingly intolerant attitudes toward any sexual behavior directed at or between minors, children themselves are being targeted as the perpetrator of sexual assaults on other juveniles.

Growing Number of Juvenile Sex Crimes

The U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency reports that minors represent 12% of all rape incidents and 19% of all other sex crimes against other minors.

It has become more common for a disgruntled party to seek retribution against the other by alleging rape or some other kind of sexual misconduct after a teen romance goes sour and someone’s feelings get hurt. This includes the parents of the “victim,” who often want to make an example out of the offending minor for causing harm to their child. Overwhelmingly, it is the boy in a heterosexual relationship or encounter, and the older boy or girl in a homosexual situation.

Additionally, because of smart phones and the Internet, more juveniles are being charged with sex crimes. Many times these crimes are not the same as adult sex offenses, but if convicted the penalties can be equally as grievous and life altering.

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