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6 Domestic Violence Penalties You May NOT Have Known

6 Domestic Violence Penalties You May NOT Have Known

If you are arrested and charged with domestic violence, the judge will likely issue a restraining order against you. When this occurs, you may face many more penalties and consequences than you realize.

Some of the penalties you may NOT have realized, include:

  • You will be forced to promptly surrender any firearms in your possession. Under California law, a broad restraining order prohibiting possession of a firearm takes effect immediately upon issuance of the restraining order.
  • You may be required to seek a separate child custody order, your child exchange arrangements will be starkly impacted, and you will likely be obligated to make larger child support payments.
  • You could possibly lose your state professional license and have difficulties securing employment. Additionally, many employers will fire anyone with a restraining order issued against them.
  • A finding of domestic violence could be used to increase the amount of spousal support you must pay.
  • The statements and allegations compiled in the restraining order hearing may result in criminal charges being filed.
  • If you violate your domestic violence restraining order, it could result in monetary fines and jail time.

It is important to understand that the person to whom the restraining order was granted may also be allowed to tape record all conversations with you.The factual allegations and statements recorded in the restraining order hearings could be the foundation for the filing of criminal charges. Even a technical violation, or non-threatening contact, can result in criminal charges against you.

You must also complete a treatment program and evaluation that will likely consist of a minimum of 36 one-hour sessions over the course of 36 weeks. These are just a few of the impacts domestic violence charges could have on your life.

Due to the long-lasting effects of domestic violence, it is important to retain an experienced Oakland criminal defense lawyer. Call us today!