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Fair Pay to Play Law

Fair Pay to Play Law

Attention College Athletes: You Can Now Be Compensated for Your Talents & the Risks You Assume

For far too long hard-working college athletes have been denied the opportunity to profit from their skills. This was particularly egregious considering the fact that only a fraction of college athletes turn professional. That means for most athletes, college is the only time they have to profit from their athletic successes. But that’s all in the past now … thanks to California’s new “Fair Pay to Play” Act. Now you can get the compensation you deserve – and here at Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed, we want to help you make sure you that you do!

What We Can Do For You: We Can Help Ensure That You Are Properly Compensated For Uses Of Your Name, Image And Likeness.

Whether you are dealing with lucrative shoe contracts or simply endorsements for local restaurants, car dealerships or other businesses, we can make sure your best interests are protected! Schedule a consultation to learn more. This could be the money you need to live comfortably while in school or to save for the future! Don’t let the NCAA continue to profit from you while preventing you from doing the same. We will protect your rights and ensure you have the expert legal representation you need to receive fair and just compensation.

What the New Law Means for Athletes

The California measure, which was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in September of 2019, allows players to strike endorsement deals and hire agents. That means you are now eligible to promote products and companies and to monetize your “sports renown.”

The New York Times said about the new law – it “attacks the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s long-held philosophy that college athletes should earn a degree, not money, for playing sports.”

And the Los Angeles Times said that lawmakers supporting the bill provided the following examples of situations in which college athletes were previously unable to earn money for their services that didn’t seem fair:

  • A collegiate swimmer barred from teaching swim lessons

  • A volleyball player unable to put on a summer camp

  • A baseball player who couldn’t promote an autobiographical book

“Forget shoe deals and video games, NCAA athletes can’t make a little money over the summer coaching youth sports, can’t promote their social media, can’t model athletic wear, can’t accept groceries or help with rent or equipment,” Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) told the Los Angeles Times. “When a line in the sand is enforced obsessively, excessively and to the point of absurdity, that’s usually a sign it doesn’t belong there.”

Senator Nancy Skinner, a Democrat who wrote the legislation, told the New York Times: “People are just so aware of the fact that you’ve got a multibillion-dollar industry that — let’s set aside scholarships — basically denies compensation to the very talent, the very work that produces that revenue. Students who love their sport and are committed to continuing their sport in college are handicapped in so many ways, and it’s all due to N.C.A.A. rules.”

Gov. Newsom echoed that sentiment when he told the New York Times: “Every single student in the university can market their name, image and likeness; they can go and get a YouTube channel, and they can monetize that. The only group that can’t are athletes. Why is that?”

Well, Now You Can!

And Law Office of Nabiel C. Ahmed is just the firm to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Attorney Ahmed is a nationally recognized lawyer with a long track record of success. He has over 13 years experience providing authoritative, highly-effective legal counsel to clients in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area.

He has:

  • Extensive knowledge of substantive and procedural law

  • Extensive knowledge of legal research techniques and software

  • Extensive litigation experience across a variety cases

  • Polished negotiation skills

  • And strong oral and written advocacy skills

And He’ll Put All These Skills to Work for You!

By truly listening to our clients and understanding their goals, we are able to anticipate problems before they arise and to offer efficient and proactive solutions to avoid potential setbacks. We understand that planning and flexibility are key to success and strive to create individualized solutions for clients. So don’t delay, when it comes to legal matters you often have precious little time to act. In fact, procrastination can often result in a judgment against you!

It’s a New Era in College Athletics!

Don’t sit on the sidelines and miss out – get the legal representation you need to ensure you take full advantage of this new law. This California law is righting something that many have felt was wrong for years. Now you are in a position to benefit from this forward-thinking action – and we can help make sure you do. But we urge you to act fast, we only handle a select number of cases at a time! Contact us as soon as possible to ensure you have the best chance of securing our services. Remember, Attorney Ahmed is always in high demand due to the high level of service he provides clients.

When you need a real champion in your corner Attorney Ahmed is the perfect choice. You can count on him to fight hard for you and to take full advantage of his legal expertise to ensure you get the best possible outcome. You will be securing the services of someone who is widely considered to be one of the top attorneys in the Bay Area. In other words, you will get an expert on your side who will pour all of his talents and energies into serving you. You can count on us to always act with your best interests in mind – and to also keep you informed throughout the process.

Contact us now to learn more about how Attorney Ahmed can help you receive fair and just compensation under California’s new “Fair Pay to Play” Act.



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