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False Accusations of Domestic Violence are All Too Common

False Accusations of Domestic Violence are All Too Common

False Accusations of Domestic Violence are All Too Common

In Oakland and throughout the State of California, law enforcement officials and prosecutors are taught to believe the domestic violence victim – even when there is little evidence to support his or her claim. As a result, many officers will immediately arrest the suspect, without hearing their side of the story. Sadly, simply being accused of domestic violence is often enough to jeopardize your relationships, your job, and your reputation in the community.

Unfortunately, false accusations of domestic violence occur all the time in California, especially during divorce proceedings, as a way to gain the upper hand in child custody cases. In fact, father's rights advocates estimate that up to 80% of domestic violence claims are false.

Why do people make false accusations of domestic violence?

There are numerous reasons why a person would choose to make a false accusation of domestic violence. Oftentimes it is to gain the upper hand in a nasty divorce or child custody case and secure sole custody of the children. Other times they are made simply to punish a spouse, damage their reputation, or cause them pain. Sometimes they are made to get back at a cheating ex and ruin his future. No matter what the reason, a false accusation of domestic violence can have far-reaching consequences for both the accuser and the alleged victim.

In domestic violence cases, even when the victim recants or retracts their statement, the prosecution can still choose to go after the alleged abuser. This means that you could still be convicted of domestic violence, even if your spouse or ex admits to falsely accusing you. This is why you need an experienced Oakland domestic violence lawyer on your side from the moment you are arrested.

Domestic violence charges often accompany restraining orders. This means that until the charges are resolved, you may not be able to see your children, live in your house, or come within a specified distance of your spouse. In addition, simply being accused of domestic violence is often enough to result in the termination of your employment. In addition, you may be required to attend state anger management programs before the restraining order is officially dropped.

From the moment you are accused, your Oakland domestic violence attorney will begin gathering the evidence needed to defend against these charges. Factual inconsistencies will need to be exposed and documented, eyewitnesses need to be interviewed, and behavioral inconsistencies exposed to the court. Text messages and emails can go a long way to corroborate your side of the story. Your attorney will need to challenge general accusations and expose the holes in the prosecution's case against you.

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