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What to Expect if You're Charged With Domestic Violence

What to Expect if You're Charged With Domestic Violence

It happens more often than you might imagine-someone being falsely accused of domestic violence in California. Accusers might make false accusations of domestic abuse to gain leverage in a divorce or child custody proceedings. They might make erroneous statements out of anger or jealousy simply to hurt someone.

When law enforcement becomes involved, what was really an accident, or self-defense in a mutual struggle, might appear to be domestic battery to an outsider.

Regardless of the circumstances, once the allegations have been made—true or not—a certain amount of irrevocable damage has been done. Friends, family, employers, and work colleagues will all view the accused in a different light. And frighteningly, anyone can fall prey to claims of domestic violence.

Take, for example, rumors earlier this year surrounding alleged video evidence of NFL star Dez Bryant committing a heinous act of domestic violence. According to an online gossip blog, the surveillance footage from a Walmart store depicts the Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver beating a woman.

Even if the video does not exist, or even if Bryant has never raised his hand to harm anyone, the image has been put into the minds of sports fans, his teammates, and the public at large.

California Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence laws in California make it illegal to communicate threats of ham or use physical force to inflict harm on an intimate partner. This applies to spouses, partners, children, and the elderly.

The penalty, punishment and sentencing varies for domestic violence crimes under California law. Penalties are dependent on the seriousness of the injuries and the defendant’s criminal record. However, most counties require a minimum of 30 days in jail, even for first-time misdemeanor convictions. Additionally, attendance at a 52-week domestic batterers course will most likely be mandated by the judge.

Another lasting effect of a California domestic violence conviction is its presence on an individual’s permanent criminal record. This will be visible to anyone who performs a routine background check, making it troublesome to secure employment, state licensing, or various other necessities.

Just because you have been charged with domestic violence doesn’t mean the charge will stick. An experienced East Bay criminal lawyer may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed, allowing you to keep the things that are important to you and maintain a clean criminal record.

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