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Oakland HS Security Guard Receives Lesser Charges & Reduced Penalties

Oakland HS Security Guard Receives Lesser Charges & Reduced Penalties

Attorney Nabiel recently secured a positive outcome for his client accused of inflicting corporal injury on a child, assault, battery, and assault with force. Though the evidence was stacked against his client with security camera footage of the incedent, Attorney Nabiel used his legal skill and expertise to get his client acquitted of several of the charges and have others lessened to ensure a favorable ruling.

The incident involved his client, an Oakland High School security guard, and a student confined to a wheelchair. When the student refused to comply with the guards’ orders to go to class, our client, Marchell M., began escorting him to class. The student allegedly threatened to kill our client, was actively resisting our client, and then spat on him. Marchell responded with force, dumping the him from his wheelchair and striking him.

Reducing Jail Time & Other Penalties

While our client may have responded rashly in the moment, we believe in protecting his rights and ensuring he is treated fairly in this situation. Our goal was to secure the best outcome, which we believe was obtained by getting his time in jail significantly reduced.

With the charges initially leveled against our client, he would have faced up to seven years in state prison. Thankfully, he is now only facing four years at the very most. Not only that, but his record will not be marred with as many offenses, giving him a great opportunity to move forward and enjoy a second chance following his release.

Though our goal was to have all of the charges against our client acquitted, Attorney Nabiel respects the jury’s final verdict, understanding that they spent extensive time evaluating the case and determining what they believed to be the best resolution. Above all else, Attorney Nabiel is proud to have helped our client reduce the penalties against him and acquit the additional charges he faced.

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