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No Charges for California Teens Accused of Sexual Assault

No Charges for California Teens Accused of Sexual Assault

Prosecutors in Los Angeles decided not to file charges against the Venice Beach high school students who had been accused of sex crimes against two female students.

In March, fourteen male students were arrested on suspicion of lewd acts with a child and oral copulation with a minor. The male students were between the ages of 14 and 17. Accusations of the crime made national headlines when they were announced.

Although the police did not divulge many details about the case, the Los Angeles Times revealed that the boys had verbally threatened the girls, and reportedly worked together to pressure them into having sex.

No Charges Filed Right Away by District Attorney's Office

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, however, refused to file charges on the ground of insufficient evidence. A spokesperson for the District attorney’s office could not comment any further due to confidentiality laws regarding the suspects’ status as minors.

An anonymous source for the Los Angeles Times reported that a photograph of two teens engaged in a sex act had been circulated on social media. Although law enforcement concedes to having found some physical evidence of the crimes, they refused to comment on the specifics.

Upon learning about the alleged crimes, the Los Angeles Unified School District says it immediately notified the proper authorities. The school district has since conducted an analysis of the “campus climate” and school safety, the results of which are confidential.

Sexual assault is a very serious crime and one that is prosecuted zealously in the state of California. Teenagers and juveniles accused of committing a sex crime need a sex crimes defense lawyer on their side from the very start in order to protect their future.

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