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Juvenile DUI: The Call Every Parent Dreads

Juvenile DUI: The Call Every Parent Dreads

As a parent, getting a call that your child is in legal trouble can leave you feeling helpless, anxious, and unsure of the best way to handle the situation. When that legal trouble involves underage DUI charges, there are certain things you can do immediately to lessen the long-term effects. It is important to know that the state of California has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking and driving. When probable cause exists, California statutes authorize law enforcement to detain any person under the age of 21 and request that person to submit to a test, which will determine BAC levels.

Juvenile DUI violations in California are treated much the same as for adults, meaning the penalties can be quite severe even though the threshold for being impaired is 0.02 for minors and 0.08 for adults. Further, California law provides enhanced penalties for juveniles charged with DUI when there are open alcoholic containers found in the car. Your child could be facing serious DUI penalties and consequences, as well as a separate conviction for having an open container of alcohol in his or her car. In other words, your child is in serious trouble and requires immediate experienced legal assistance.

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